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New here?

Thinking of checking us out?


Visitors are always welcome at SPSS. If you are unfamiliar with Anglican churches here are some things to help you feel at home.

Our community: traditional, choral, inclusive

When St Peter’s Carlton and St. Simon-the-Apostle amalgamated in 2016, it was an opportunity for both parishes to offer the spaciousness necessary to open our doors, minds, and hearts to each other.

Whether you are from a different faith tradition, or none at all, you will find a space in our parish to ask big questions, find inner quiet, and receive warm hospitality.

Our worship is steeped in the Anglican Choral tradition.  During the summer of 2019, our choir was invited to sing in two English Cathedrals during the summer break. But you don’t have to be a great singer to join in the worship and the choir always welcomes new choristers.

SPSS is an inclusive community discerning what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the 21st century, both individually and as a community. We welcome everyone to follow Jesus by sharing his love for people from all walks of life. We make sacred space for people who identify as LGBTQ2+

Which service should I choose?

We have 3 weekly services and 2 monthly services, each with a different feel.  Our main services are Sunday mornings at 8.30 am and 10.30 am.

Our 8.30 am service is a quiet spoken service in our intimate Memorial Chapel. This service uses the classic Eucharist liturgy from Book of Common Prayer.

Our 10.30 am service is for music lovers and features our choir leading us through traditional hymns, psalms during a traditional Eucharist liturgy. On the second Sunday of the month the liturgy is Choral Mattins.  At 10.30 am we offer Children’s Programming throughout the year.

What happens?

When you arrive, a sides person will offer you a Bulletin and the Announcements. Find a seat in one of the pews and relax.

The Bulletin gives you a guide to the service. The Announcements let you know what’s going on in the parish and what events are coming up.

Beginners welcome!

Although it might seem like everyone knows what to do, there is often a lot of stumbling around during our services. Don’t worry, we are happy to stumble through our services together with you. The most important thing for us is to stumble with sincerity of heart. If you don’t know what to do, turn to a person in the pews near you, and they would be glad to help.

Kids & Youth

Our 10.30 service on Sunday mornings is designed with families in mind and we have Sunday School for kids and teens. If you would like to have your kids with you in service, they are most welcome to stay. We have a children’s altar with some child related activities right inside the main worship space. Don’t be concerned that your kids will make too much noise; we love the sound of children with us.

Quick Questions

How do I get there? See our contact page for directions.

Is the building accessible? Yes! Our north entrance (Bloor Street) is accessible, and an elevator will take you to all floors.

Does it cost money? No! Services usually include an at-will offering where a plate is passed.  Give as you are able and comfortable, but you are not required to give money.

When do I sit? When do I stand? The bulletin will give you directions on when you are to sit, stand, or kneel, but if you have mobility concerns it is fine to simply remain seated, and communion can be brought to you in your pew.

What should I wear? In our parish, many people do still wear nice clothes on Sunday, but others are more casual. Come as you are.

Do I have to be a member to take communion? All baptized Christians regardless of denomination or church affiliation are welcome to take communion. Those who are not baptized may also come forward and receive a blessing.

Do I cross myself? Do I bow before sitting? Crossing oneself and acknowledging the altar by bowing are left to the custom and comfort of individuals.

Where is the washroom? Washrooms are located at the basement level; take the steps from the narthex (lobby) down to the first landing and turn right, then continue following the steps down. There is an elevator to both levels for those who are unable to use the stairs.

Where is everything? What’s that room called? – Spaces at SPSS

Thumbnails of rooms at the church

Some of the spaces of SPSS. A: Chapel. B: Narthex. C: Parish Hall. D: Sitting room. E: Nave. F: Choir room.

Basement Washrooms, classrooms, offices, and outdoor courtyard.