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We are a Christian community, steeped in the Anglican traditions of liturgy and choral music, at the intersection of the rapidly transforming area of St. Jamestown. Whether you are a seeker in the faith, a relative new-comer or a life-long Christian, you are welcome to join us. What to expect

COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers

The Diocese of Toronto has introduced a Mandatory Vaccination Policy.  Effective September 30, 2021, any Employee, member of the Clergy or Volunteer who attends at a Workplace must show proof of being vaccinated with two doses of a vaccine or combination of vaccines approved by Health Canada, with the second dose having been administered at least two weeks prior to the in-person attendance.

All are welcome to attend services Sunday or Wednesday, regardless of proof of vaccination, although the Wardens and Fr Geoff strongly encourage everyone reading to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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