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Takoda Kemp

Takoda Kemp is about to graduate from Ryerson University with a degree in geographic analysis. Something that intrigues him going forward is applying such knowledge, including the use of drones, to agriculture. Back in the Bahamas, his mother runs a farm that produces “the best avocados in the world” –so good they prompted a visit from lifestyle guru Martha Stewart.

Takoda arrived in Toronto at age 12 on a scholarship to Upper Canada College. There, among other things, he was on a student team building robots. Starting university, he moved into an apartment just down the street from SPSS and decided to check out the church. He had grown up a combination of Anglican and Baha’i, so was intrigued by this church where he found everybody “down to earth, not patronizing, very friendly.” As he continued to attend he decided to lend his agricultural abilities to the gardening committee. Mainly he says: “I just wanted to be in a house of God, with people who shared my traditions and beliefs.”