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Sheila Thomas

Prior to Easter this year Sheila Thomas (Order of the Diocese of Toronto) -along with others- was busy at the Church stuffing envelopes with crosses made out of palm fronds and mailing them to parishioners who wouldn’t be coming to live services due to COVID.

This is just one of a hundred different activities Sheila has undertaken for the church since joining in 1995.

Sheila came to Canada from England with a couple of girlfriends in 1970 intending to stay two years. “As you can see, I’m still here.”

She worked as a secretary for a number of employers including Hockey Canada though her real love was leading Girl Guide and Brownie troops. This brought her into contact with St. Simon-the-Apostle Church.

In 1980 she moved into an address on Howard Street, just across from the church. Her church involvement covers the spectrum: she coordinated volunteers for the St. Simon’s shelter, that served evening meals on Wednesdays to homeless people; spent a period seeing to the care of choir gowns; volunteered in the church office; and has been on the altar guild and active in after-church hospitality.

Sheila’s philosophy: “I just put my hand to whatever is needed.”