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Marina Caytap

Marina Caytap was one of the pioneer members of San Lorenzo Ruiz Filipino church that, since 2010, has been meeting on Sunday afternoons at St Peter and St Simons.

Once there, though, Marina was seduced by what happened on Sunday mornings: the traditional music of the St Peter and St Simon’s choir. “I listened to that choir and I just fell in love,” she says. “Those are angels. Every time I listen to them it’s like I’m listening to prayer.”

From that moment forward Marina adopted St Peter and St Simons, throwing herself into many activities. Her day job in the hospitality industry permitted her the flexibility to participate in many ways: serving as a sides-person, providing after-church hospitality, and being part of the altar guild that devotes Saturdays to preparing things for the next day’s services. “I love doing those things. I feel it is where God has put me.”