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Isobel and her family, who live in the east end of Toronto, have known Rector, Fr. Geoffrey, for a long time and liked being part of his services. When he took over at St Peter and St Simon’s Church they started coming as well.  SPSS is admittedly not a parish with a lot of teenagers. But that was okay. For Isobel, it was just the right moment to get involved in something herself.  She jumped into helping Sileen, director of the Sunday School. She does everything from reading stories to taking  the younger ones to the bathroom and then escorting them upstairs for the last few minutes at the end of the church service. “I just love those little kids,” she says.  Now a grade eleven student with an interest in the sciences, something she plans to pursue at university, she declares that the environment of SPSS is really special. “There are so many different kinds of people, a lot of whom want to talk to me and we always have interesting conversations.”

Isobel is pictured above with Bishop Andrew after her confirmation.