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David McPherson

David McPherson’s connection to St Peter and St Simon’s church is both deep and wide.

His parents were married there in 1928. He himself remembers being prepared for confirmation in the spring of 1944. It was a different scene for young people in those days as he remembers that there were 15-20 in the class. “Going to church was our thing because there was nothing else to do,” he laughs.

David had a career as a chartered accountant. He became a churchwarden in 1975 and has volunteered in many capacities through the decades since. His daughters were brought up and married in the church, and he and his wife, Marian, as well as his sister, Heather Ballon, remain avid attenders. David continues as a sides-person and assistant to the Treasurer.

“I just love that place.,” he says. “I’m so fond of our parishioners. I’ve never had any desire to make a change. The church community is just another one of our families.”