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Barb Pearson

It was music that first brought Barbara Pearson through the doors of SPSS. A musician herself –she plays the guitar and taught music in the elementary school system- Barb was raised a Lutheran. But in 1990 she and her husband, Ross, discovered the music produced by then-choir director Derek Holman at St Simon the Apostle Church. To their delight, the Gentlemen and Boys choir shortly morphed into an adults and children’s choir just in time for their young daughter, Jessica, to become part of it. “She loved it, there were lots of children at that point and it was lots of fun,” Barb recalls. Barbara now serves as a sides-person and as co-chair of the parish refugee committee, overseeing the settlement of the parish’s most recent family from Iraq. Her reasons for staying with SPSS: ”The music is great, the choir is great, Fr. Geoff is a great preacher, and everyone is super friendly.” Husband, Ross, a flautist, periodically takes a role in the Sunday morning worship programs.