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Alison Jane

Alison Jane is one of five organists at St Peter and St Simon’s. She is well-trained, having studied piano at the Royal Conservatory and organ at the Western Ontario Conservatory of Music in London after which, for a time, she was organ scholar at Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton. Her broader education took her from coast to coast as she has a doctorate in English from the University of Victoria. She had a career as an art and music therapist until retirement and is now office administrator at a United Church in Toronto.

Before the two churches amalgamated, Alison was organist at St Peter’s, an experience that she cherishes, along with life now at SPSS. “I never felt that I had a proper sense of family until St Peter’s and their little choir filled that gap. The church has provided a very special family I can count on”.  Alison’s favorite pieces of music come from the baroque era –anything by Bach, though she now finds herself moved as well by the more romantic music of Josef Rheinberger.