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Jillian Ruch


Jillian Ruch is joining our parish for this school year in her placement as a Postulant in our Diocese.  God willing, Jillian will be ordained into the as a Transitional Deacons on May 1, 2022. She was accepted into the Postulancy program in September 2020.  She is excited to become a part of our community and appreciates the welcome she has already received.  Prior to her work here, she served as a Postulant at St. Saviour’s (in East York) while also in the role as one of the York-Scarborough Area Youth Ministry Coordinators.  She was excited to come to St. Peter’s St. Simon’s as she had worked with Sileen and is excited to be working with her again in this new capacity.  Outside of her church work, Jillian is a social worker in Toronto, mainly serving the populations of youth and children for over 20 years.

Jillian is married to Chris and they have been blessed with 2 boys (aged 12 and 14). Jillian’s church home for many years was our neighbouring parish of St. Paul’s Bloor Street which means she is familiar with this part of Toronto.  For some of their family down time, they are quite involved in the sailing community in Ontario, with cruising for fun and racing which is more serious – but a lot of fun! They also enjoy God’s creation with their 2 year old Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab, Teagan. Jillian is excited to meet you and share fellowship and laughter together – she hopes that you will come and say hello when you can at the end of service!