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Marie Adams

Marie Adams and her husband Loxley came to Canada from Jamaica in 1969 and settled in the St Jamestown neighborhood.  Marie worked as a geriatric nurse and then for the YMCA while Loxley –who in Jamaica had been a sailor working on ships carrying cargo to England- was a welder.

They found St Simon’s Church because, after a search, Marie decided “why go on the subway to some distant place when there is a church in your backyard?” Marie was confirmed there by Archbishop Garnsworthy.

They raised five children –the youngest, Marcia, pictured here – and Marie taught Sunday School. Very community-minded –Loxley for a time ran a soccer program for neighborhood children- Marie and Loxley were both servers and sides-persons for the church as well as volunteering at the homeless shelter.

“Whatever was to be done,” she says, “we would volunteer and try to help.”