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Colin Bird

Colin Bird started attending St. Simon the Apostle Church at birth. His family on both sides were members of the church going back to his grandparents, one of whom designed the Rood Screen installed in 1923 to grace the space between the altar and the nave. Colin himself was baptized at age 2 months and, now with wife Susan, has been an active part of the community in one way or another ever since.

Colin enjoys life both on the ground and in the air. A recreational pilot, he had a career in the aerospace industry before running his own business in home renovations.  The latter gave him both the knowledge and the interest to offer twenty years of valuable service to the church shouldering many of its property challenges.

Colin became a server when he was a boy of 14.  He remains a member of that guild and often acts as the crucifer for Sunday morning worship. He was a warden for almost four years. For him, our church is literally in his blood, “my go-to parish.”