We are happy to have couples come to St Peter St Simon’s (SPSS) to be married. It is not necessary to be a member of SPSS to be married here. We are certain that your positive experience with our staff and volunteers would make SPSS your first choice if at some point you would  like to join a church.

We would like to help you have a great start to your married life. We hold dear the opening words of the marriage service, “Marriage is a gift of God, and a means of God’s grace,” and are glad to celebrate with you as you receive that gift.

St Peter St Simon’s is a beautiful building, and a great venue for a wedding service. Our excellent organ, beautiful architecture, and reverent atmosphere, are the perfect setting as you make your vows to each other. After the service, you might like to have photos taken in the garden courtyard. We have a reception hall, along with a well equipped kitchen to enable you to have your meal provided by a caterer, or by family and friends.

Most of all, we want you to be able to focus on each other, as you commit yourselves to one another in this pivotal step in your life.

Contact our clergy to begin making arrangements for your wedding at St Peter St Simon’s.