Funerals and Memorials

We try to make the burden of grief a little easier for you to bear.  Whether you are a long time member of St Peter St Simon’s, or have never heard of us before, we want to be able to help you when it is time to commemorate the life of one who has died, to accept the support and comfort of friends, to hand your loved into the loving arms of God, and to pray for God’s support and guidance in the path ahead.

Our clergy meet together with family members, to help both with their current grief, and with planning the service, so that the readings, hymns, and prayers, as well as the words of tribute spoken, all can reflect the life of the one we now commend to God.

Whether the service is in St Peter St Simon’s, or in a funeral home, we work together with all our local funeral directors. Whether the service is followed by cremation or burial, we can provide a fitting service.

St Peter St Simon’s is a place where people begin their journey with God at Baptism, where we celebrate our daily joys as well as those occasional high points in life, such as weddings, and anniversaries, and confirmation. It is therefore fitting that in this same sacred space you say goodbye to your loved one, surrounded by the symbols of faith.

If you would like to plan for your funeral in advance, we are very happy to do that. Choosing the hymns and scriptures for your own funeral service often give a measure of comfort and peace.