Baptism is the entrance to our life in the church. By baptism we become members of Christ, and one with him in his death and resurrection. It is a joyous occasion for the whole church when someone wants to become a new person in Christ, and so you will be greeted with a warm and happy welcome.

If you would like baptism for yourself, or for your child, please contact the clergy of St Peter St Simon’s. We will be happy to assist you in preparing for baptism, set a date for the happy occasion.

Our baptism services usually take place on the Sundays most closely associated with the themes of Baptism: The Baptism of Christ (shortly after Christmas), when we remember how at Jesus’ baptism the Spirit came to him from heaven, and set him on the path for his ministry; Easter, when we relive the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the basis for our own baptism; Pentecost (7 weeks after Easter), when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples, and gave birth to the church; and All Saints Sunday (first of November), when we rejoice that we all are saints of God, made pure and holy through Baptism.