Advent Conspiracy 2018

Do the words “holiday season” bring more dread than peace these days? Even as Christians it’s easy to lose the awe and wonder that we want to experience at Advent given the pressures of twenty-first century life.

Join SPSS on this adventure through Advent to take time to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. You can take part whether you are local or halfway around the world, whether you’re doing this with a family including children or just you, whether you grew up with “churchy” Christmas or if the very idea of Advent and a religious Christmas celebration is new to you.

Download a Advent Bingo Calendar for family-friendly activities to enjoy over the Advent Season of December 2 to December 24, get the list of daily Advent Conspiracy Bible Readings for 2018 for your Advent devotional, and scroll down to see the weekly devotional reflections to help you slow down and worship full, spend less, give more, and love all! Check back through December for more materials, updates, and ideas. If you are on Facebook, check out our event page and join for daily bible readings, ideas for giving, activities, and the chance to interact with others taking part this Adventide!

Devotional theme for week 1: Worship Fully!

Devotional theme for week 1: Worship Fully!


Week One Ideas:

Near Toronto? Check out our Upcoming Events page to see ways you can worship fully with us this season!

Farther afield? Find your local Anglican or ELCIC church at (In the US this season? Find an Episcopalian Church!)

And whether you are near or far, be sure to download the Advent Conspiracy bible readings to follow along through December.


Devotional theme for week 2: Spend Less!

Devotional theme for week 2: Spend Less!


Week Two Ideas:

It’s easy to say we should spend less during Advent, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of how to make that happen and still make people feel appreciated. Check out these Spend Less Gift Ideas so you are spending more time than money on the people you love this season.

Download a PDF of all four weekly themes