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Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement Ministry

Both of our founding parishes have a longstanding commitment to sponsoring and supporting refugees from many parts of the world, as part of our outreach ministry.  Some of these people are now active members of our parish family.  Others have moved away but remain in regular contact with us and visit from time to time.

Currently, our refugee ministry consists of three different aspects.  First, we are supporting one of our former refugees who is applying to bring his wife and children from Africa.  He is now well established in Canada, is a member of our parish, and needs assistance with the bureaucratic process involved in sponsoring his family.

Second, we are supporting a young Syrian family (father, mother and daughter) who arrived in Canada in July, 2017.   They live in St. Jamestown, were originally sponsored by another church, group, but their committee needed more resources, and we were asked to join with them last fall.  We continue to work with several members of the original committee in this project.

Third, we sponsored a young Iraqi two years ago.  Since his arrival in Aug 2016 he has improved his English significantly, is working full time and has met and married a young lady originally from Iraq.  The parish is now actively supporting the application of his parents, who are refugees still in the Middle East.