St Simon’s Shelter

St Simon’s Shelter began in 1989 as a one night a week program operated and funded by the Church of St Simon-the-Apostle and staffed by church volunteers from St Simon’s and other churches and synagogues.

In 1990 the program began operating, again one night a week, as the first Out of the Cold shelter.  In 2000 the City of Toronto negotiated with the Church to make the operation a seven days a week, 16 hours a day program under the auspices of Out of the Cold and renovations began in 2001 to accommodate this program.  For year 2002 the Shelter operated under the name of Homeless Support Services Inc.

In August 2003 the City approached the Church to assume financial and operation responsibility for the program.  As such the Shelter commenced operation on September 1st 2003 as an agency within the Church of St Simon-the-Apostle.

On September 16, 2004 the Shelter was incorporated as an organization without share capital under the laws of Ontario.

St Simon’s Shelter provides emergency accommodation, food, residential support services, personal needs allowance, in-kind services and other community services as needed.

The Church of St Simon-the-Apostle supports St Simon’s Shelter in a number of ways including hosting the residents Christmas dinner and contributing to Christmas resident backpacks.

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